Our Partnership

We are registered and accepted by UN-DESA

UTS is in partnership and collaboration with, Universidade St. Germain-College St. Germain Sao-Paolo Brazil, Recognition through The Emergency Medical Chaplains Association(TEMCA) in Ohio which enjoys privileges in the US presidency as a volunteer certifying agency. Our board members are well-recognized personalities around the world. We are recognized by International Institute of Theological and Canonical Studies(An Affiliate of West Coast University, Panama, Accredited by UNESCO and IACEA, Education Quality Accreditation Commission, Spain). We are recognized by Zoe Life Theological Seminary USA(Accredited by  AACT: The American Association of Christian Therapists and Dayspring Christian University)


Our Programs

From certificate to Professorship in Theology, Parapsychology, Neuro-Science, Public Health and Promotion, Department of Medicine and Human Research center,  Medical Sciences,  Forensic Parapsychology, Music, Ministry, Education, Media Communication and Information Technology, International Relations, Business Administration, Church Administration, Chaplaincy,  Biblical Studies, Divinity, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Granting of Church charters, Affiliations, Ordination Licenses.

We have life experience degree programs, honorary degree program, ordination program, and chaplaincy programs.

Call: +2348028063695

Email: centreforworldrebirth@yahoo.com or info@drgenesis.com.ng


Our Team

Archbishop Dr. William Garrison (Bill)

Emeritus Founder of The Emergency Medical Chaplains Association TEMCA.

archbishop prof. waylon & anna angel (ceo temca-ispt) USA

The Emergency Medical Chaplains Association & Independent Street Preachers Team are under their supervision & Oversight in Delaware, Ohio USA. Co-Founding Chancelllors UTS

hrmi prof. javier otto jorge gold ferrari (peru)

Pro-Chancellor,  Head of the Department of Medicine and Human Research Center of UTS

and many more...
some parts of our apostolic succession below

HRM cardinal PRof. genesis api dawuda (Nigeria)

International President of CWR | Group Chair and Co-founding Chancellor UTS

Prof. siddartha ghosh (india)

Honorary Chancellor and PDF supervisor

HRH prof. sawardekar ashok(india)

Acting Registrar Sakal Accreditation Board

and many more...




Centre for World Rebirth shares intercommunion agreement with The Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom in Uganda under the Royal Protector - His Majesty The forty-Ninth Omukama of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom and MorCherubim Abu Seifein, Abuna,  Catholicism and Patriarch on the Second day of July Two Thousand Nineteen.

*************** Cardinal Professor Genesis Dawuda is a member of World Bishop's Council and Centre For World Rebirth is Registered with World Federation of Churches and member of World Clergies Congress in New York, USA

                             Accepted and registered with the UN


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