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Jun 11

Women in Ministry

Jesus transformed the status of women by the way he acted towards them. The portraits of Mary his mother, and Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, are most sensitively drawn. In St. Luke’s Gospel, particularly, we are confronted by women at every turn . Anna the Prophetess (Luke 2:36-38), the Widow of Nain(Luke 7:11-17), the marvelous story of the woman in Simon’s house who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears(7:36-50) and Mary Magdalene, from whom Jesus expelled seven demons(8:2), we are introduced, albeit briefly, to society ladies from court, including Joanna and Susanna who followed Jesus around and provided for him and his followers, sometimes at least, from their substance(8:3). Jesus bothered about the woman with the issue of blood and the dying girl (8:41-48) He noticed the widow with two mites and commended her for her giving above all the public benefactors of the day(21:1-4)
We find Him relaxing in the house of close friends, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus(10:38-42) and these figure largely in St. John’s Gospel.

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